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With topics ranging from Blue Ocean Strategy® to customer experience, Andi's interactive speeches and workshops can be tailored to any audience.

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Anthropologist turned business consultant, Andi offers companies a fresh lens and actionable tools for growth.

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This book is for any organization who is navigating through the challenges of corporate culture change.

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How can anthropology help my business grow?

Customers, employees, and partners cannot objectively tell you why they behave in certain ways, or even how you can solve their problems. But when you view your business with the eyes of an outsider, you can discover what their behaviors mean and find solutions otherwise overlooked. Corporate anthropology is the practice of observing both the customer and the processes of a business critically in order to recognize unmet needs, tap into new markets, and achieve “aha!” moments that can lead to meaningful innovation and growth. In On The Brink, Andi Simon shares seven amazing stories of companies who have achieved meaningful breakthroughs and growth, and actionable techniques to apply corporate anthropology to your business.

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Observation Into Innovation

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    What is it that makes entrepreneurs different? The personal traits that enable them to look at things in ways most of us miss? For explanation, I love the way serial entrepreneur Kim Shepherd described it in our recent interview: entrepreneurs see “the holes in the cheese,” not the cheese itself. She added: “If men think things through, women feel things through.”  Since we buy with emotion and justify with […]

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