Why I Wrote “On the Brink”

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What’s Holding Your Business Back? Corporate Anthropology Can Reveal the Path Forward

When a business hits a point where big ideas have stalled, sales are in a slump, and a firm feels unable to keep up with quickly evolving trends, the emerging practice of “corporate anthropology” can help.

Based on the same principle as classic anthropology – the science of observing humans to understand how they live – corporate anthropology encourages business leaders to step outside their day-to-day processes to observe not only how their enterprises operate, but also where unmet needs truly exist. The rationale is simple: your customers, employees, and partners can’t objectively tell you why they behave in certain ways, but when you view them and your business with fresh eyes as an outsider, it’s possible to see the opportunities otherwise overlooked.

On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights

Dr. Andrea J. “Andi” Simon, provides readers with a crash-course in the game-changing business techniques of corporate anthropology and shares stories of companies that have used the method to bounce back from crisis. Andi also offers a list of her own corporate anthropology processes.

Whether you’re searching for a way to revitalize your business or to expand a currently successful business into new and profitable directions, the strategies outlined in On The Brink will give you fresh eyes and a fresh approach to achieve meaningful business breakthroughs.