Give Your Team a Way to Adapt to Changing Times

Andi Simon works with corporations, non-proft organizations, and small business teams to see their enterprises with fresh eyes and hone in on their next big ideas, but she also offers techniques to turn the solutions into executable change. Andi’s anthropological approach to business works well for groups seeking to:

  • Create products and services to open new market space
  • Identify unmet needs and find the solutions to serve them
  • Work within companies to assess and change their cultures
  • Craft new business strategies for changing times
  • Build better marketing strategies to capitalize on new opportunities

Andi is available to keynote conferences, summits and corporate events. She is also available to speak to smaller teams and executives. Since 2007 she has conducted over 260 workshops in the U.S. and Canada.

If you’d like to work with Andi, please contact her using the link below.

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