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Are you ready to use corporate anthropology techniques to solve your business problems? It’s time to dive in! The following tools can help you take a step back to observe your business in a new way and identify innovative solutions.

Corporate Anthropology FAQ

Interested in knowing more about the nuts and bolts of corporate anthropology? This FAQ list will answer your questions about the costs, timing, and requirements that you can expect when embarking on your own discovery process.

Download The FAQ

Corporate Anthropology Starter Guide

This introductory document provides a quick summary of four techniques that can be applied to your business. Perfect for those researching more about the practical application of corporate anthropology, this starter guide will get the ball rolling.

Download the Starter Guide

The Toolkit

For deeper dives into the four methods of corporate anthropology described in the Starter Guide, click the links below to view the 4 following step-by-step guides: