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FRIEND IN NEED How to spot a loved one is lonely in 3 simple steps – and how to help

How To Spot Loneliness Andi Simon, anthropologist and author said there are ways you can spot if your loved ones are struggling. If a friend or family member has become reserved or quiet then it’s important to monitor this. Andi told The Sun: “Watch for those changes in behaviour that always seemed to be part […]

Pandemics, Politics And The Impact Of Women In Leadership Roles

Despite enormous strides in business, government and other areas, women don’t always get the respect men do for their leadership abilities, even when they can boast greater accomplishments. But the combination of a pandemic, a recession and an election that 2020 brought could be the impetus for changing the way people view women and their […]

Real Girl Talk Podcast : A Time To Rethink with Dr. Andi Simon

Dr. Andi Simon is a Corporate Anthropologist who helps executives see their companies with more observant eyes, achieve “aha!” moments, and discover new and profitable opportunities. By applying the concepts, methods, and tools of anthropology to business environments, she turns observation into innovation and revitalizes businesses seeking growth. Listen Here

3 Powerful Ways Women Can Help Other Women In The Post Pandemic World

As COVID-19 forces changes to the economy and American lifestyles, businesses that hope to survive and thrive will need creative ways to deal with these new challenges. And that could mean path-breaking opportunities for women, who often bring a different approach to business leadership than their male counterparts, says Andi Simon Read More