How Female Entrepreneurs Can Break Down Barriers And Find Success Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 has played havoc with many people’s careers, but it may have been especially detrimental to women. “Unfortunately, men communicate a myth about women that emphasizes their soft sides, not their decisiveness, strength, and ingenuity,” she says. “Women might lead differently than men, but they can achieve remarkable results,” says Andi Simon. The latest statistics […]

How Can Learning, During Covid, Drive Better Future For Employee Development?

As an anthropologist working with organizations that need or want to change, I have been administering Leadership Academies for several years for clients of my company SAMC in the professional services and healthcare industries. These clients knew that they needed innovative training to develop their future leaders but were not sure how to do that […]

Rethink: New book aims to smash the myths of women in business

Throughout the ages, women pursuing success in traditionally male-dominated careers have found their paths impeded by myths. Myths like, ‘women are not good leaders’, ‘women cannot manage money’,  ‘women shouldn’t be lawyers’. The list goes on. Now, Andi Simon PhD, anthropologist, businesswoman and author, dismantles these beliefs in new book Rethink: Smashing the Myths of […]