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3 Powerful Ways Women Can Help Other Women In The Post Pandemic World

As COVID-19 forces changes to the economy and American lifestyles, businesses that hope to survive and thrive will need creative ways to deal with these new challenges. And that could mean path-breaking opportunities for women, who often bring a different approach to business leadership than their male counterparts, says Andi Simon (, a corporate anthropologist, […]

How Is Corporate Anthropology Key To Solving Business Problems?

Corporate anthropology is an extension of traditional anthropology that is used for non-traditional, modern settings. By looking at a company as a new an unfamiliar culture–all while using techniques that anthropologists use–it’s possible to arrive at fresh insights that can help companies sustain their growth and adapt to changing environments. Read Here

On the Brink: A Fresh Lens to Take Your Business to New Heights

“Corporate anthropology may be an unfamiliar term to most readers, but it means exactly what it sounds like: an extension of traditional anthropology to modern business settings. Simon presents her discipline as a methodology for diagnosing and changing company cultures, developing great products and design, and creating strategies for branding, marketing, and sales.” Read Here