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  • 346: Laurel Farrer—How Can You Build A Remote Workforce That Really Works?

    Hear how to align your workforce for maximum productivity Back in April 2020 before we fully knew what a global disruption the pandemic was going to be, I interviewed Laurel Farrer who talked about how to build a remote workforce that works. What great timing, then and now, which is why I decided to share this podcast with you again. Businesses have moved from managing […]

  • 345: Diana Wu David—Are You Truly Happy With How You Work, Not Just Where?

    Hear how change is really an opportunity for growth I loved this interview with Diana Wu David from February 2020 so much that I want to share it with you again. Our discussion was all about what she is seeing in the business world, particularly around technology disruption which is pushing our lives in entirely new directions. You'll also hear about her own research […]

  • 344: Jill Johnson—How To Really Help Women Of Color Entrepreneurs Succeed

    Hear how you can remove unfair obstacles to access to capital In this terrific podcast (one of my favorites) originally broadcast in 2019, Jill Johnson and I discuss the challenges faced by women of color in starting a business, from finding the capital to underwrite growth to developing the business acumen to successfully take ideas and turn them into brilliant […]

  • 343: Maria Colacurcio—Stop The Revolving Door. Help Your Employees Embrace A Diverse And Equitable Workplace.

    Hear how to build workplaces where everyone is valued  This podcast interview is exceptional. Just listen to Maria Colacurcio tell you about her journey and think about your own. Her career has spanned many different industries, propelling her to leadership positions in innovative companies. Our conversation took us through those profound experiences and unexpected […]

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