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  • 139: Mark Samuel—Building Better Organizations For Amazing Growth

    Mark Samuel explains how he helps people change and succeed! My podcast guest today is Mark Samuel, execution and transformation expert, best-selling author, Forbes Coaching Council member and the CEO of IMPAQ Corp. Throughout the interview, Mark and I talk about areas of mutual interest and concern, namely, how to help organizations change. Frustrated with the […]

  • 129: Maria Gallo—DelVal University Is Now Soaring Thanks To Blue Ocean Strategy®

     Hear how Maria Gallo and her team took an innovative approach that paid off, big time! Dr. Maria Gallo is a very special interviewee for our podcast. She is president of Delaware Valley University—DelVal to many of us—in Bucks County, PA, north of Philadelphia. For much of 2018, we worked with DelVal on their Blue Ocean Strategy and are thrilled at the […]

  • 138: Jack Knocke—The Internet Of Things Is The Future of Things

    Jack Knock explains how IoT is changing business and our lives! As you know, at SAMC we are very interested in exploring how new technologies are transforming businesses, higher ed, non-profits...everything. In this podcast, Jack Knocke and I talk about the Internet of Things. What is this IoT, anyway? Why should we be paying attention to how it's […]

  • 137: Dusty Rubeck—How Blue Ocean Strategy Transformed An Organization

    Dusty Rubeck tells us how to bring about innovative culture change! How do you transform an old, established organization? How do you give it new purpose and change the way people get their jobs done? While that is what we do for clients, Dusty Rubeck showed us some fresh ways to move an organization in new directions. Dusty and I met at a Vistage […]

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