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  • 035: Luke Hohmann—Building Better Teams Using Collaborative Games

      Listen now to Luke Hohmann's fascinating podcast about serious games! In this podcast, Luke Hohmann talks with me about how to build better teams, engage employees and prioritize activities using games. You will be really surprised at how "serious games can help you do serious work, seriously better." The Founder and CEO of Conteneo Inc., Luke’s […]

  • 034: Ron West—Perpetually Disrupting Yourself

    Listen now to Ron West teach us how to avoid disruption by mastering digital transformation! Are you being threatened with disruption by new technology or by start-ups that are beating you at your own game? Want to learn how to a lso leverage technology so you can dominate your sector instead of being left behind? In this podcast, Ron West and I talk […]

  • 033: Ask Andi series—Finding and Keeping Great Employees

      Listen now to my podcast about how to adapt to today's changing workforce! Today, there are 6 million jobs in the U.S. going unfilled, 1 million of then in IT. Demand is high but finding qualified people is a real challenge for employers. Why? And what can businesses do to attract and retain talented workers? Good news! Real solutions are out there, which I […]

  • 032: Linda MacCracken—The New World of Patient Care

      Listen now to Linda MacCracken tell us what's next in patient care! If you are in healthcare, or use any part of the healthcare system, you've got to listen to my phenomenal interview with Linda MacCracken. We examine how the entire nature of delivering healthcare is changing. If they haven't already, caregivers must develop a patient focus, which entails […]

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