Praise for “On the Brink”

  • Carmen Effron, founder and CEO of C F Effron Company - “Andi’s perspective and voice are original and come from a deep understanding of corporate anthropological techniques and years of working with companies struggling to find new answers to the old question of how to grow their business in an ever-rapidly changing environment. The book is a must read for businesses looking to differentiate themselves, create value, and thrive. Andi is a master at breaking down the complex and varied options businesses face into a clear cohesive strategy, brand, and set of implementation tactics—a rare combination of talents.”
  • Jamie Candee, president and CEO, Questar Assessment, Inc. - “On the Brink takes the mystery out of corporate anthropology and its practical impact on business challenges. Whether the issue at hand is developing or iterating on strategy or resolving general organizational design challenges, Andi breaks down the model and methods into practical steps that ensure every company understands its customers, how their needs are changing and/or evolving, and how to harness a company, and its culture, around those needs to ensure long-term growth and success.”
  • Phil Terry, CEO, Collaborative Gain - “Every leader should pick up a copy of On the Brink. It’s a must-have resource, especially in this time of transformative, customer-led change.”
  • David Warnock, founder and senior partner, Camden Partners - “The business world is constantly evolving, and the companies that thrive are the ones that evolve with it. Through the innovative practice of corporate anthropology, Andi Simon has created a framework and set of techniques that any enterprise can use to adapt to changing times and be ready with their next big idea.”
  • Luke Hohmann, 
CEO, Conteneo, Inc. - “Every CEO knows they need to see the world through a fresh perspective, but most are wondering where that perspective can be found. In On the Brink Andi Simon shows us that the perspective we’re seeking can be found when we look at the world from the eyes of our customers.”
  • Elisa K. Spain, leadership coach and Vistage master chair - “On the Brink is a must read for any leader who wants to remain relevant in this fast-changing world. Written in plain English, combining how-to with real-life stories, Andi Simon, teaches us to open our minds, go exploring, watch, listen, and discover the opportunities hidden at the core of our business.”
  • Marcella Bremer, co-founder of OCAI-Online and Leadership & Change Blog - “On the Brink is an entertaining and insightful read for leaders as you join corporate anthropologist and consultant Andi Simon in participative observation through seven real business cases. She helps both readers and leaders see with fresh eyes: Finding new opportunities, solving stagnant problems, and working with a company’s culture as the key to what you see, do, and achieve.”
  • Lisa Perrine, EdD, CEO, Cibola Systems - “Andi Simon’s book On the Brink is a powerful toolbox of ideas and practices for crafting breakthrough business strategies, delivered through real-life stories. With her engaging style, Simon now adds ‘storyteller’ to her impressive credentials as a strategist, change agent, and corporate anthropologist.”
  • Tom Struzzieri, founder and CEO, HITS, Inc. - “All of us who run businesses tend to feel confident that we excel at what we do and that we use our resources wisely. However, Andi Simon’s eye-opening approach to business reveals that any organization can constantly improve and grow. Through common-sense tactics and spot-on insights, Simon has created a wonderful resource for the innovative business leader.”
  • Kim Cameron, PhD, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan - “Andrea Simon’s book, On the Brink, provides a unique contribution to the overwhelming number of books on leadership and organizational improvement. This is not the standard consultant’s interpretation of well-known corporate examples. It provides a thoughtful and insightful perspective that brings to light new and important perspectives useful to any manager.”