"Andrea is a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter and an eminent authority on Blue Ocean Strategy. She has presented to two of my Vistage groups and received the highest rating. The CEOs that I mentor regularly bring into conversation the concepts of Andrea's concepts which is evidence that her message has staying power. Several have implemented changes to their company strategy which have already been leveraged into significant financial benefits."

Dwayne Nielson

Best Practice Vistage Chair.

"Andrea Simon has been a favorite on the Vistage Worldwide speaking circuit for years. Her presentations on "Blue Ocean Strategy", "Who Will Be Your Customers in Three Years?" , "Finding New Markets" and others have been presented nearly 500 times to Vistage groups across the US and abroad with high ratings to very demanding audiences of C-Level executives at Vistage who are accustomed to first rate subject matter experts.
Dr. Simon's presentations are professional, challenging yet friendly and motivating. They're also fun! She brings a level of conceptual rigor and practical experience that a C-Level audience will appreciate. My Vistage members looked at their companies through a different lens after a few hours with Andrea Simon."

Allen Hauge

Group Chair, Vistage

"Andi's presentation on blue ocean strategy for our Vistage group was truly wonderful and engaging. It felt more like an interactive learning discovery rather than a lengthy and monotonous powerpoint presentation. Rather than listen to her click through presentation slides, a lot of our time was spent applying concepts through group activities, which was far more beneficial as well as enjoyable as a participant. She did an incredible job in explaining the concept, but more importantly facilitating our thoughts and conversations in how that concept can be applied in workplace reality. I truly enjoyed her presentation, her point of view, and her facilitation of our group activities."

Natalie Goering

Management Assistant, Precision Coil Spring Company

"Andi is a fantastic speaker. After hearing Andi at Vistage, we knew we wanted her to bring her ideas to our licensed manufacturers. Andi took the time to interview a number of our manufacturers, understand their unique business situations, and bring her insights to the larger group at our annual meeting. Andi's message helped our team and our manufacturers see our customers with new eyes to meet their unmet needs. She also led a breakout session with the owners to expand on the ideas and pull out great conversation. Andi challenged our group to think differently and we're excited to continue using her ideas to grow our business."

Lindsey Manthei O'Connor

Product Marketing Manager, Aster Brands

Give Your Team a Way to Adapt to Changing Times

Andi Simon works with corporations, non-proft organizations, and small business teams to see their enterprises with fresh eyes and hone in on their next big ideas, but she also offers techniques to turn the solutions into executable change. Andi’s anthropological approach to business works well for groups seeking to:

  • Create products and services to open new market space
  • Identify unmet needs and find the solutions to serve them
  • Work within companies to assess and change their cultures
  • Craft new business strategies for changing times
  • Build better marketing strategies to capitalize on new opportunities

Andi is available to keynote conferences, summits and corporate events. She is also available to speak to smaller teams and executives. Since 2007 she has conducted over 260 workshops in the U.S. and Canada.

If you’d like to work with Andi, please contact her using the link below.

Contact Andi